Snohomish Aquatic Center

The Snohomish Aquatic Center contains two water venues, and adjacent support and meeting spaces. 

Snohomish, Washington


Building Size:

52,000 sf

Project Cost:

$21 million

The facility is designed to be as cost effective as possible, and integrates several sustainable design features that reduce long-term operation expenses, including solar hot water, heat recovery systems, and light sensors. The two saline natatoriums are completely separate environments. One houses a cross course competition pool and spring board diving towers. With seating for 460 spectators, swim teams and the public can use the space. The other natatorium is a recreation area for all ages. The leisure pool is segmented into different zones: zero depth entry, an activity area, a current channel, a slide plunge pool, lap lanes, and a separate whirlpool available for soaking.

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