Timberland Middle School

The new Beaverton School District middle school may be a $61-million investment, but it’s one that should be paying dividends in short order.

Portland, Oregon

Mahlum Architects

Building Size:

163,000 sf

Project Cost:

$61 million


  • Honorable Mention: Energy Trust of Oregon High Performance Building Award, 2017

The Timberland Middle School was designed and built with conservation, education, and safety in mind.  The school saves energy in its day-to-day operation thanks to multi-discipline conservation strategies. Students will be able to monitor the output of the PV solar array through an interactive kiosk. Also on the roof with the PV array, is a weather-monitoring station, allowing students to track wind speed and direction. As part of the Oregon Resiliency Plan, the school is designed to stay standing in the event of a major earthquake and to provide shelter and emergency power afterward. The building is reinforced using steel x-braces for added strength.