Ryan Gobuty/Gensler

Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters

The new corporate headquarters for Banfield Pet Hospital is not only the most dog-friendly office in town, it also only requires half the energy of a typical office of its size. The LEED Platinum certified building was designed as a contemporary and dynamic workspace for over 600 corporate employees.

Vancouver, Washington

Gensler (Interiors) and TVA Architects (Core and Shell)

Building Size:

200,000 SF

Project Cost:

$23 Million


LEED Platinum


  • Honor Award, ACEC Oregon, 2018


Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters Now LEED Platinum Certified

While Banfield is a large company, the office’s energy is reminiscent of a start-up. Much attention was allocated to both the functional and creative design. A few of the long list of strategies Interface designed include a geothermal water-source heat pump, a data center heat recovery system integrated into the domestic hot water/condenser water loop, thermal solar domestic hot water, 20-thousand gallon rainwater harvesting system, interior and parking lot LED lighting, daylighting controls, ultra-high efficiency transformers.

Ryan Gobuty/Gensler
Ryan Gobuty/Gensler
Terry Mahanna
Ryan Gobuty/Gensler
Ryan Gobuty/Gensler
Ryan Gobuty/Gensler
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