WATG Urban

Curve Appeal 3D House Prototype

Interface is collaborating with WATG Urban, Branch Technology, and Thorton Tomasetti on an innovative new model home that will be built as a 3D printed structure.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

WATG Urban

Building Size:

1000 sf


Zero Energy Goal


Curvaceous 3D-Printed House Advances Toward Construction

The Curve Appeal House prototype utilizes the latest advances in 3D printing technology, and its clean and efficient forms showcase the potential of a new construction methodology. Pulling the project together is a net zero energy approach, coordinating best-in-class HVAC equipment with a roof-top solar system. The system is designed with site-specific modifications in mind, including the easy incorporation of a ground-coupled borehole or in-floor radiant heating depending on where the house is built. 

WATG Urban
WATG Urban
University of California, Davis Betty Irene School of Nursing

Davis, California

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Riverside, California