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The Highline at Union Market

The neighborhood north of Massachusetts Avenue (NoMa) has recently transformed into a thriving social hub and residential destination for young professionals.

Washington, D.C.

Level 2 Development

Building Size:

311,900 SF


Seeking LEED Gold certification

The Highline at Union Market, a new, mixed-use residential property located at 320 Florida Avenue, preserves the industrial aesthetic of the surrounding area, by incorporating warehouse-style windows, steel columns, and stacked, industrial-framed glass blocks into the unique, building design. The transit oriented property will include: 313 new residential units, a green roof; a bioretention facility to retain storm water and lessen the impact on the site’s storm water infrastructure; variable refrigerant flow (VRF) for heating and cooling; dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS); solar hot water heating panels to provide domestic hot water for building occupants; and 105 bicycle parking spaces for residents and employees.

Eric Colbert & Associates
Eric Colbert & Associates
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